luni, 8 iulie 2013

Personalized wedding! yay!

Being a wedding photographer, I know that the wedding day is very special for the bride and groom and for their families and friends. everyone , especially the bride ( hehe ), puts so much effort into making it perfect!

and after the BIG event, you get these gorgeous memories (if you are lucky in choosing the right people to help making it happen ;) )  by making your wedding look unique and personal :D

I had the opportunity  to make this gorgeous personalized wedding set of items for the sister of a very dear friend of mine (Rux :)  )
I really enjoyed working on this items! the fact that I had to make the same characters in different situations on the chest was so much fun to do! and using all sorts of mediums and materials.. oh! I wish I had this kind of orders everyday! :) I just love doing it! Having a story behind all this things I think it's the best part of making unique items for beautiful unique people !

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