luni, 29 aprilie 2013

Fun projects for the weekend :)

I've been working on some small project this weekend :) some custom made
'Thank you' cards for a handmade toy shop ( , and  some hand painted t-shirts for friends.
It's really fun experimenting how my illustrations work on different materials : for these ones is glossy paper and cotton of course :))

BTW! you can check my Facebook page : HANDMADE BY LIA for more handmade/painted stuff! Hope you enjoy it! :)

vineri, 26 aprilie 2013

Awesome projects come with great people who ask for custom things!

OMG! I loved this project. a really nice lady from Kc Mstudios    asked me to make this custom made drawing with her two boys how sweets is that! It was a real pleasure drawing this for her! She is a very talented photographer :) you can check her out at  KC MSTUDIOS

work in progress 

Awesome projects come with great people who ask for custom things!

luni, 22 aprilie 2013

Oh! nature

Hand painted bag with fabric colors from India! what a cool way to draw !

So I had a blank bag for a long time but I never knew what to draw on it until now!  I thought hey!I should paint small leaves and flowers like I usually make in my illustrations and voila! 
At last the bag is not blank anymore :)

© Lia Visirin

I think I'm going to make more projects like this. It really boosts my inspiration when I'm stuck drawing illustrations for books. 

We were all born to love ^__^

© Lia Visirin

 I was asked to make this and it turned out really great. I usually think of a song that matches the mood when I have to draw something with a theme and I immediately thought about Mich Gerber - By Your Side (feat. Bajka)

What's your inspiration when you have to draw or write something ?

LiaStampz digital stamps 'Pregnancy' find it on from next month

sâmbătă, 20 aprilie 2013

Going traditional with COPIC markers

© Lia Visirin

© Lia Visirin

I am starting to like drawing with these markers although it's a bit pricey to tell you the truth :P

miercuri, 17 aprilie 2013

Ah! Spring

© Lia Visirin

New project I'm working on ! SPRING is here and I am so eager to start printing some postcards :)

Small projects

 Mr. Monkey! This little fellow went to some very lucky one who got him as a birthday present

Cute little project for my sister with one of my digi stamps called "potato love" ( LiaStampz). If you want to create something nice with this stamp you can find it on