sâmbătă, 29 iunie 2013

Blonde or brunette

 Working on some children's book illustrations, I made the girl brunette by mistake and she was supposed to be blonde an curly, well I don't know...I liked the brunette version too :P

joi, 27 iunie 2013

This is my family, which I adore

This is one of the things that reminds me how lucky I am for everyone and everything that I've got :) a reason for me doing what I love to do is all of them and you who appreciate it!

so Thank You everyone! and a true message to all: Love and respect your families they are all you've really, honestly  got at the end :)

joi, 20 iunie 2013

miercuri, 19 iunie 2013

Summer bring us joy

 I totally forgot about Illustration Friday's themes and it's so good to take a break and draw for it :) refreshing

Educational illustration in the making

I'm progressing on this illustration , hoping I will finish it by the end of the week because I have many more to come yay!

I keep going back on the characters and things...to add some detail or other stuff, that's a bit time consuming too but I can't help myself :P I like doing that 

Almost done, still a little more stuff to add :)