vineri, 27 iunie 2014

Muskmelon smoothie!

Oh! I just love it! an you  must try it this summer!
MUSKMELON SMOOTHIE + FRESH's soooooo delicious!

You just blend the muskmelon and add some mint and voila! 
Enjoy you guys! and have a wonderful summer!

miercuri, 18 iunie 2014

I love this order!

So a cute friend of mine  trusted me with 2 mugs and a planner and just told me some details about the person who will get them, leaving me the freedom to do whatever I see fit. Oh how I love  it when this happens :)))
So here is what came out of it: a mug + planner for a hair stylist and a mug for a  fashion design graduate.

and we had a bit of fun with the last mug  ! :)) I should make more mugs like this one :P

luni, 16 iunie 2014

Challennge 67- Summer Fun

HI everyone!
Here is a new project for LiaStampz Challenge 67 - Summer Fun
. It's a gift box :) a really cute template found on 
 it's a a freebie so you can just go an download the pdf from there :D!
I am using "Summer Girl" from LiaStampz Vintage Collection.

If you want to join the fun , come and send your project on! for a chance to win a digi! and be in the spotlight! 

xoxo Lia